Girls names with first character A - Page 1

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First nameGenderOriginRating for this first name
Aaliyahfemale first nameArab7.67 out of 141 votes
Abidafemale first nameBosnia3.06 out of 18 votes
Abigailfemale first nameHebrew7.23 out of 84 votes
Adafemale first nameHebrew5.27 out of 33 votes
Adaletafemale first nameBosnia6.02 out of 41 votes
Adelafemale first name5.14 out of 29 votes
Adelaidefemale first nameFrench3.47 out of 19 votes
Adelefemale first name6.13 out of 24 votes
Adelgundefemale first nameGerman1.85 out of 27 votes
Adelheidfemale first nameGerman3.2 out of 25 votes

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